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"America: Land of the Free? Home of the Brave—the brave chained dogs, who continue to survive despite horrific circumstances, sometimes little to no food or water, and forget love and attention! Those are not 'necessities' to some Americans.

I remember talking to a British woman, who really cracked me up! She told me she reported a neighbor who had a chained dog to AC, and instead of telling HIM to take care of his dog, the AC officer acted like SHE was the bad guy. I laughed and told her that's all too common, unfortunately. She said, 'It's not fair...HE mistreats his dog, and so I can't sleep at night! Tell me, how is that fair?'

And she's right! It's not fair; we have to put a stop to allowing it to go on. We must refuse to be bullied by AC officers unwilling to at least treat us with the respect we deserve for caring.

She also pointed out that America is lagging very far behind Europe in it's animal care. Tell me something I DIDN'T know!"

Note from DDB Supporter: "Hi, I just wanted to let you know that not all AC officers are like that....I am an AC officer and I belong to this site, have ordered lots of items and give donations. I am also trying to get a no chaining ordinance passed in my county. My director actually calls it the "Judi law". Please don't lump us all into one category because what I have found is that the majority of us do this because of our love for animals."—Regards, Judi Coppola, Animal Enforcement Officer Brevard County (Melbourne) Fl

Judi's right, and whenever I meet an officer like her, I'm thrilled and touched. Kudos to those of you working hard for these guys! (I know you aren't all like that...unfortunately, we usually hear only about the bad ones.)

America's animals deserve our caring respect, and a dog has emotional and physical needs that must be met.

Unfortunately, this piece is no longer in print. To see all available pieces, visit our online store at http://www.cafepress.com/whochainsyou



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