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"Even in the midst of pleasure, I cannot forget their pain. I was at a women's tea, where everything around me was truly beautiful. Gorgeous, Victorian classics. I had a lovely time. We ate a five course tea, every course full of dairy. There was beautiful music playing, and then the hostess sang and played the piano and entertained us. As she sat singing, all I could picture was this opulence contrasted to the way these poor animals live and die. I pictured a veal crate in the corner by the piano, a mommy cow looking longingly into the crate from where I sat. She just wants her baby...so we can eat dairy.

Of course I realized I was the only one in the room having any such thoughts. No one else knew or cared what the cows give up so we can eat dairy. And what the chained dogs give up so we can pretend we like animals. Or what the deer give up so a man can feel manly. Ugg, killed me a deer today, let's have some venison. 'It's not venison, my dear, it's a dead creature who was gorgeous two hours ago.'

I went home and made love to my boyfriend in the afternoon. I tried not to think about the calves in the veal crates. I pushed aside the memories of the chained pit I saw yesterday...."

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