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"When will the Circle of Compassion Extend to ALL? Many of you know by now of my arrest for helping a dying chained dog. I am floored by the number of people who think I merely 'took' this dog, and don't see that his supposed caretakers left him there to die. Chained. Unable to stand. For three days. Isn't that the real crime? When will these acts be considered as the atrocities they are? When will the 'authorities' open their eyes to abuse? When will humans value all life, not just human, but others who feel and have needs that must be met? I long for the day that our circle of compassion extends to all. I long for the day when the real criminals are rounded up and prosecuted, and not those who stand when needed."

How long must we wait until the Circle of Compassion Extends to ALL? How long
Must our Companions Suffer and DIE before Life is More Valuable than Property?

America's animals deserve our caring respect, and a dog
has emotional and physical needs that must be met.

*This piece won Honorable Mention at the Blair County Arts Festival, May 2007.
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Photo of Tamira with framed Award piece at show.

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