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"The discrepancies were too great to ignore.

I could no longer deny my feelings of love for the animals. Someone had to help them, and I could no longer pretend to be part of a world full of pink, polka dotted dogs in a Victoria Secret window, and sad, thin, scared, dogs living chained in the town next door. I could no longer ignore their plight. That I knew, but I knew not what to do about it. I had taken the first step outside my self-limiting boundaries. In the knowing that I had to do something, I had grown. I had had many an idea since my youth, but made very few of them happen. I spent a lot of years reading self-help books, and knew from a logical perspective it all started with me. But knowing something intellectually and doing something about it were two different things, and I, like most of the world, tended to get hung up in the deep valley between the two.

As fate would have it, I was plopped down next to a chained dog named Worthless, who I watched and yearned for daily during the next six years. Those six years of hell took me to rock bottom, and with the feelings of helplessness and hopelessness came a certain knowledge that there was nowhere to go but up.

My family background notwithstanding, I resolved to do something about it. I had grown further away from my family over the years anyway...and gradually accepted that I was just too different from them to fit in. I never would, and didn't want to if it meant I had to be responsible for the death of animals, death of a nation, death of ideas, death of any accepted spirituality outside of the box, and death of my soul.

I decided that instead of feeling abandoned by my family, I would form a new family, one based on who I was, and not who anyone wanted me to be. I wanted more than anything in the world to be true to myself and myself alone. And in being true to myself, that meant no longer denying my love and desire, and celebrating it instead. I would get in there and fight for the animals. They needed me, and I needed to be there for them..."

This work is a turning point for a soul in agony. She can no longer deny the discrepancies between the fantasy world of the mall, and the animal neglect next door. She decides to go it alone.

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