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What other Animal Advocates are Saying About Tamira's Work:

"Oh, Tammy, I don't know what to say...you've taken my breath away...Peter's too! We love your work, and obviously, its messages. Our favorites are: Discrepancies too Great to Ignore, She Cannot Forget Their Pain, Open Your Heart to a Chained Dog, and Ladies Prefer their Fur Faux. Outstanding work! Keep it up!" —Best, Mary and Peter Max

"The Little Girl Looking series communicates so much love and grief at the same time—it puts words and images together and speaks the pain that so many of us who care for animals feel. Thank you! 'In the Midst of Pleasure' says it all. It is comforting to know that others feel the same anguish and sorrow even as they go through their day—this pain is a daily part of my life and my work for animals. Your beautiful art work is sure to touch seasoned animal advocates and stir the emotions of those who have not yet awakened to the suffering of animals. You are a gift to animals and to those that struggle to protect them."—For the animals, Kit King, Alabama Voice for Animals

"I can't believe how fortunate I am to get your first of this edition! It will forever have a place of honor in my home. Making changes to it now—sweeping away a lot of furniture in favor of a clean, mid-century modern look with ONLY animal art to keep my spirits going. You are a magnificent example."—All my best, Holland VanDieren

"It's here! Thru tears…. It's so beautiful! And not just visually . . . it reminds me, so deeply, that no matter how hard this work is, no matter how much I burn the candle at both ends and am tired all the time, no matter how difficult it is to balance the so-called "real" job with what I *really* was put her to do—it's all so worth it. I just can't describe how much this piece speaks to me… Thank you so much!"—Much love, Diane Leigh, No Voice Unheard

"OMG, I just cannot get over how you are able to put your thoughts into words, and images like you do. I looked at all of your pictures, and just cannot believe the depth of the messages. It was like reading about myself...I remember being at my aunts house as a little girl, and her dog being tied to a tree, with the flies living off the skin of his nose...open wide flesh, I felt soooo bad for him, I could hardly stand to go over there, my aunt was such a loving person, how could she let this dog suffer this way? Tammy, thank you....your work is beautiful, and you are a beautiful soul. thank you from each and every animal you have helped. Thank you for being strong, and pioneering a way! Your family should be so proud of you for being strong, and determined, and for being able to make changes, and not letting obstacles keep you from moving forward. I don't even know you, and I am so very proud of you. Thank you a million times over, for bringing about change!!!—May God truly bless you, Patty Kelly

"I just want to say I received my order today and your work is even better 'live'. I love it and can't wait to put it up in my new home. You are so very talented and I am honored to have your signed work to show off in my home. Thank you for the fast shipping. it arrived safe and sound...I LOVE BOTH PIECES!!!" —Chris Murphy

"I love it! Oh my gosh, I needed something to brighten my day, and there it is! Words can't express, so I'll just say WOW! I love my floating angels; that is really what they are, and Gandhi's is one of my favorite quotes. Thank you so much Tammy, I can't wait to hang it and email it to my loved ones...fascinating!"—Niloo Asgharian, about her commissioned art piece

"I am sure this won't be the last order.  I just love your artwork so much....it hits me right at the core.  The "Cannot Forget" piece, I relate to that one so much.  I feel like when the veil is lifted about how basic society views animals....when we strip away the lies of consumerism, greed, etc...their pain is burned into our souls, isn't it?  And even when I try to live my life fully, enjoy my own activities—my family, my husband, etc.—there is still this underlying grief that NEVER goes away....NEVER.  It's not easy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  The comfort I have is finding people like you who feel the same way.  It can be lonely, but realizing there are more people out there who are also "warriors" for the animals, that makes so much difference."—Gretchen Littlefield

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