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Ezekiel's Faith


Ezekiel's Faith

Seventh of the Americana Series

I don't know where Ezekiel came from. I only know where he ended up, and that was with me.

Dogs Deserve Better doesn't 'do' strays. I have my hands full trying to foster as many formerly chained or penned dogs as I can, so I leave the strays to those 'lucky' enough to find them, or other rescue groups or shelters.

But Zeke was different, because he was injured and no one was taking responsibility for him. I just can't bring myself to leave an injured animal, what kind of human would I be if I did that? How would I sleep at night? So I dragged my office manager Elaine with me, and off we went to find Ezekiel.

He was hunkered down in the corner of a church building as we'd been told, behind a large bush. He'd made that his den, and he wasn't inclined to come along quietly. He had a major distrust of mankind after all he'd been through, which I can only begin to guess at and I'm sure it was with good reason. He'd been abandoned, ignored, and then shot at least once by someone wanting to get rid of him.

DDB got him medical care for the gunshot wound, and the state police charged the alleged shooter.

Believe it or not, after only a week, that dog trusted me like he'd been mine from Day One. He went from being a dog that NO ONE wanted to being a dog with 25 adoption applications on him. He got some major local media attention, and he will end up in a wonderful and loving home.

Thank you Zeke, for proving that only Dogs can regain Faith in Mankind after suffering so much torture. I'm not sure we deserve it, but I thank you for giving it to us anyway. Watch his story here.

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