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Freedom Chia


Freedom Chia

Chia, second of the Freedom Prints

Every year between Memorial Day and the 4th of July, my mind and the minds of the nation ponder the meaning of FREEDOM. What does it stand for? Have I, you, our nation lost most of our freedoms as so many believe today?

This year it is especially thought-provoking for me, since helping Doogie to the freedom and care he deserved instead brought me a loss of freedom; my ex has tried and continues to attempt to take basic parental and familial freedoms away from me and my children; and DDB is going global with our Unchain Our World campaign for this year's Chain Off.

In America, one never knows the importance of freedom until it is taken away. How many chained dogs in America lived inside the home until they 'got too big', or 'chewed something up' and then got thrown outside? How did they feel having freedom one day and losing it to a chain the next? Chained dogs deserve to be free and part of the family just as we do; yet some of them will never again know it despite our best efforts.

This poignant piece features Chia, with her before and after shots, an Akita who deserved and finally got better before it was too late. She spent most of her life penned and then chained in Indiana, was rescued by DDB reps, and finally ended up in Pennsylvania.

Everyone who knows me know that Akitas are the dogs I most cherish. I know, as a foster parent to many breeds, I shouldn't be playing favorites, but I just can't seem to help myself! When I don't have an Akita in my home, I am sad and pining for the big lugs.

My dog Rosita Chiquita Onita Akita ruined me for all other breeds! She was a long-haired Akita, and once I realized that the traits I thought were 'only Rosie' were instead indicative of her breed, I was forever after hooked on the Akitas. To me, they are more like cats than dogs; not needy, very independent (and shall we say stubborn), but very faithful and loyal once you gain their trust and love.

Chia was my foster, but proved to be unreliable with cats. She now lives with Lexi and Chris, who agreed to foster her for me, and promptly feel in love with the old girl. With all the love, attention, and good food her health improved so dramatically that you'd never in a million years know it was the same dog as her before pics! She looks 5 years younger!

Here's to your Freedom, Chia!

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