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"Man comes on the scene. Things get ugly. I wonder where we got such a proclivity to mess everything up? Why do we have no respect for the animals and plants we so unthinkingly destroy? Somewhere man has lost a connection to the earth, to the plants, to the animals. An ever-increasing greed has created an all-consuming need to create more and more shopping malls. The need is insatiable, however, and will not be satisfied with just this one last mall. Or one last xbox game. Nothing will fill the hole, the spiritual cavity left by the disconnect from ourselves, our love, our humanity. The animals and plants and our land pay the price for our disconnect. The land is raped, everything therein gone forever. What animals manage to fly or walk away can only suffer terrible confusion, wondering where their home went, where they can go now. Their habitat shrinks every day, and their numbers lessen. Precious animals, plants, land, please forgive us!"

Animals, land, plants, they go together.
Let's stop tearing them apart!

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