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"2:30 a.m., July 3nd.

I wake up, can't sleep because I'm nervous about Chain Off in the morning. I've never done anything this brave/crazy before, and I know it will take all the courage I have to pull it off and make it work. I know I need my sleep, because 33 hours is a heck of a long time. Needless to say, just knowing I NEED sleep is enough to keep me awake most of the night.

3:30 a.m., July 4th.

My heart opens for the dogs, and I become truly one with them. I've put myself in their shoes, and I experience their daily life. I also experience solidarity with the plight of the homeless people, sleeping in the doorway of a store, while people walk by and avoid looking at me. I go back to sleep.

4:50 p.m., July 4th.

We form a circle around the doghouse, and light candles to celebrate the conclusion of our vigil. Terri, Amy, Eric, and Rocky and I each say a few words about the event. I tell them how grateful I am for all they've done, and what this has meant to me

July 4th, 2004 & 2005 I chained myself to a doghouse for 33 hours.
Amandah Povilitus chained herself for 8 hours.
The more who stand, the louder will be our cry.

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