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" Anytime an animal died the adults said 'That's just the way it is.' That's just the way it is...? I felt ashamed for caring about the deer hit by the car, the deer killed by my father. Better to just shut down and eat it's flesh. Why do I care and my family doesn't? The neighbors don't. My world wouldn't. 'She's like her Grandma Annie'. Eye rolls...we all know how SHE was! I didn't know. If it were me hit by that car instead of the deer, would it still be 'Just the way it is?'

Deer left to die, alone, left to rot in a puddle full of water and his shattered leg meat. Passersby, even I, turn a blind eye. Who am I to help? I'm just a child..."

This work shows a soul who feels the pain of animals.
She doesn't understand why 'they' don't care and she does.
The pain continues.

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