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"A leash is not a chain. A chain is not a leash. A leash has a person attached to the other end. A person—a living, breathing creature to whom the dog can relate, interact with, play with, love.

A chain is attached to something non-human...a tree, a doghouse, a post, a rusted old jeep bumper...you name it, but it is not human.

The more I foster-mom formerly-chained dogs, the more I realize ONE thing. Dogs don't care where they live...be it shack, mansion, outside, inside. All they care about is that YOU are there. They will follow you to the ends of the earth if that is where you are going. They will bed down in a concession stand, a house, a field, a dry river bed. If you are there, for them this is now called home."

Live with your pack, there's no other way.

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