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"Animal control officers are investigating the death of an adult male pit bull found Sunday morning chained to a tree, half outside his dog house, authorities said. Throughout the weekend, as snow blanketed the county, temperatures remained well below freezing, with gusting winds making it feel more like subzero conditions outside. 'Although a determination of cause of death will be made during a necropsy tomorrow, with the extreme cold, our suspicion is that the dog died as a result of being outside in this weather,'Animal Control Director Harold Domer said Sunday..." (True story, Frederick Maryland.)

The Ladies Prefer Series was inspired by a ladies' tea party. I'm constantly
amazed by the contrast of beautiful items and ugly, behind
the scenes cruelty that we pretend isn't going on. The horrendous death
of a dog due to the neglect and cruelty of chaining astounds me.
That it's legal astounds and saddens me even further.

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