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"I was at first deathly afraid to stand up to anyone, about anything. I never learned how to be strong, or even to have an opinion. How was I going to stand up against a whole country if need be? I had no idea others were working on the chained dog issue. I just knew I had to do something, and I had to take a stand. I took it one step at a time, and just powered ahead. I decided not to let anyone stop me anymore. I knew that much of the reason people do nothing about the chained dogs near them is that they are afraid of retribution. I decided that if I died doing this, it would be the way I wanted to die, standing up for something that mattered to me.

So I stood up for all those who cannot speak, and who will not speak. When an address is reported, a letter goes out with my name and no one else's. So when the nasty phone calls come in, with the threats of harrassment charges and the excuses, I'm the one who makes the case for the dog.

'He's a Huntin' Dog'. I guess they aren't qualified to live inside? Is that a new breed of dog I hadn't heard of with special outside requirements? Or 'It's My Property, You Can't Tell ME What to DO.' This is a living, breathing creature, not some old junk car left outside to rust. It has needs that must be addressed. 'It's None of Your Business.' Guess what? I'm making it my business! The words of the song run through my mind over and over again, 'I get Knocked Down. But I get up again. Ain't Never Gonna Keep me Down.'..."

The fear of standing against others is something that must be faced daily.
Once the fear of death has lost it's stranglehold, a human can do so much more
than ever imagined!

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