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"If you love dogs, and have the misfortune to live next to a chained dog, your heart is so open to them that you cry yourself to sleep some nights...To see a dog day after day, night after bitterly cold night languishing on the end of a chain, ever looking toward the light in the windows of the house for some sign of recognition, some hope that he will be noticed this night. Every sound emitting from that house brings renewed hope that this time they are coming for him. And so she stands, eagerly wagging her tail, perhaps jumping with excitement and longing. Until at last she gives up, no longer bothering to look at the house at all.

Which is the sadder site, I wonder? The dog who still hopes, or the dog who has finally, dismally, given up hope for redemption..."

This image fills me with hope for all dogs, chained and unchained,
to one day have a child who is as enamored of them as they deserve to be.

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