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For Tammy Grimes: Released January 2006

Artist Releases "New Orleans After Katrina" Series

Tammy Grimes Launches Initial Three Pieces of the "New Orleans After Katrina"
Series from Rescue Efforts there in November 2005;
also releases "Speak Your Peace for Animals" as vision for new hope.


Tammy Grimes, artist and founder of Dogs Deserve Better, has released initial pieces in her third series, entitled "New Orleans After Katrina". Grimes found herself deeply affected by emotions and images from her time working for the animals in the aftermath of Katrina. In this series, she strives to bring out these emotions and images in a way that others who have not seen or experienced may do so, may think more deeply and reach out to both the people and the animals of New Orleans with greater understanding.

"As We Stand Helpless, Sending E-mails", reflects the feelings of hopelessness experienced by most rescuers as Katrina events unfolded...while she and others sat safe and warm, people and animals struggled to survive, and Grimes was left with a certain knowledge that any dog left chained was already dead.

"One Life in New Orleans" pieces together the possible story of one man's life, a musician, whose rumpled home bears tarnished musical instruments, a band hat resting on the floor, and remains of what was perhaps the family dog lying outside the front door.

A third piece, entitled "Even God Left", reflects the feelings of abandonment felt by many New Orleans residents who came back to nothing—featuring imagery of an abandoned, mud-filled church which bore only a desperate sign reading "Church Services Cancelled Due to Katrina. God Bless Us All."

As a result of Katrina, Grimes felt inspired to create "Speak Your Peace for Animals" to put forth her vision of hope for the world; a hand holds the earth, a released dove, and many animals in need of our understanding look out from a peace sign background.

Grimes holds a B.A. in Visual Art and Design from the University of Maryland, and a B.A. in Naturology from AIHT. She is currently pursuing a Master's in Naturology from AIHT, as well as working as Executive Director of Dogs Deserve Better.

20% of all profits from sales of Grimes art will benefit Dogs Deserve Better or other animal or environmental organizations. The artwork can be viewed at http://www.littlegirllooking.com.

Grimes can be reached at 814.941.7447 or Tammy@littlegirllooking.com for comment, and is available for art shows, commissioned works, or interviews.

Dogs Deserve Better was founded in 2002, is an international nonprofit with 125 area reps in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, and works to bring dogs out of the backyard into the home and family. The site can be viewed at http://www.dogsdeservebetter.org.

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