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"It's up to US to stand up and speak for the animals surrounding us, who live with us, and who live in our communities. If we don't, then who? Which animal calls to you, which animal can you relate to? Is there a way you can help that animal?

I've always been a self-described cataholic, and still am to this day, they touch my soul.

But the issue of chaining a dog for life really hits home with me. I believe the face of Maggie, our chained beagle when I was a young girl living on the farm, will always haunt me and make me want to do MORE for the chained dogs; more, more, until none remain. How long with this take? I have a long range goal of 15 years to wipe it out! Thank God I have many allies who burn for the chained dogs as well and who will help make this goal reachable...I'm grateful to you all.

I also love the animals we had on the farm, cows, chickens being two of my favorites. Someone needs to stand for every animal in this world that is used or harmed by humans looking out for only our wants and not the needs of the planet or the animals surrounding us. Find which animal that is for you, and Speak Your Peace for that animal. You will be amazed how one voice can become so many, seemingly overnight!"

I feel strongly for the plight of all animals,
they need us to stand for them.

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