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"How I struggled to fit in. From an early age, the clan mentality ruled my life. I wanted them to accept me, make me part of the pack. How much of myself did I sacrifice from this early age? Is that why I fight for the dogs now? Our cats and dog were not accepted in the house. They huddled in the cold weather around the fireplace chimney, which ran outside the house. I remember feeling so helpless to give them what they most wanted—to come inside with us. My love for cats intensified, and my love for all other animals awakened. My high school sweetheart, Farmer, killed many a deer, and I possess his photo displaying a poor dead deer to this day. I also fished for years, trying to win my father's approval, I'm sure. I wouldn't go as far as hunting for that love, as my mother and my niece did to gain the love of their fathers. But I did fish for him. Little good it did me, and little good it did the fish...."

This work speaks of a soul who begins to feel ostracised for
her love for animals. She wants to be part of the family,
and goes against her true nature to try to fit in.

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