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Freedom Sugar and Cinnamon


Freedom Sugar Cinnamon

Sugar and Cinnamon, Fourth of the Freedom Prints,
Sixth of the Americana Series

What is the meaning of FREEDOM? What happens when you lose yours trying to gain theirs?

That's exactly what initially happened when I saw Sugar and Cinnamon chained in -11 wind chills in January in Pennsylvania. We gave them food, straw, and water, and left information. No one answered the door. I was so worried about them—they had inadequate housing and they were both underweight, with Cinnamon having barely any fur— that I went back three days later.

Still no one answered the door, but when I was giving the dogs treats, the woman came out and started screaming at me. She had me charged with trespassing, which we lost at the magistrate level, despite catching her in numerous lies. She failed to show up at the appeal hearing though, so I won that round. Yet the dogs were still the losers.

Then, miracle of miracles, about 5 months later, they called and wanted to give up the dogs to DDB! What a great day that was...They were definitely my favorite rescue story of 2010, which is why I chose them for this freedom piece. View the video of their rescue here.

Photo image used for Sugar courtesy of RedheadedNinja.com.

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