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Have a Book or Short Story You'd Like to Submit for Publishing Consideration?

For animal activists and rescuers seeking a publishing home for their creative endeavors, a niche, indie publisher like Who Chains You can make all the difference. Our goal is to empower more animal activists and rescuers to share their stories, their experiences, and light up the world with their fire.

Book Submissions:

Please Note: Unfortunately, book submissions are closed until further notice. At the current time, we are publishing only 12-24 titles a year, and we find ourselves in the unenviable position of finishing up a backlog of books we accepted for 2020. We will re-open submissions and post a notice on our facebook page when we begin accepting again.

We consider titles in all genres as long as they show respect for animals as beings and animals are prominent in the book, are animal activist related, or rescue related. That means children's, fiction, non-fiction, biography, self-help, vegan cooking—you name it, we'll consider it.

Of note, we are not looking for dog or cat-themed children's books...but children's books about other animals who need advocacy—which is pretty much all of them!

If you'd like to submit a title for our consideration, here's what we need from you:

So you’ve written a book? Now that’s a BIG DEAL and exciting news! We know the hard work and dedication that goes into completion of a book. Congratulations! Given that you’re here reading this page, we assume you are interested in submitting your book for consideration to be published by Who Chains You. In order for us to give your book a chance at birth through our company, please fill out our form (sorry, submissions are currently closed for 2020) and submit to us with your query letter and an attached .doc or .docx version of your manuscript.

Short Story Submissions for Compilation Books:

Deadline has passed to enter your short story for the above book. We will let you know when we start our next compilation title!

NOTE: This area is NOT for children's books or stand-alone books or stories. This is for stories for our upcoming compilation books ONLY. Please do not submit books to this section..they will not receive a response.

In order for us to get YOU into our book, fill out our form, attaching your short feature story about your funny rescue experience (in .doc or .docx format).

Your short feature of your experiences will not only bring you/your nonprofit organization more supporters and fans, but also serve to entertain, educate, and inspire others who yearn to make a difference too. Be part of the excitement! All of our chosen contributors will get their photo and bio in the book, plus a free copy and wholesale pricing on copies for your friends and family, too.


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Honey's Second Chance

Honey's Second Chance

By Brandy Herr

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Foster Doggie Insanity

Foster Doggie Insanity:
Tips and Tales to Keep your Kool
as a Doggie Foster Parent

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A Doggie Hero is Born

A Doggie Hero is Born

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The Puppy Who Left
Puddles on the Floor

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Capitol in Chains: 54 Days
of the Doghouse Blues

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